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Presence of Love

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After singing "Absence of Fear" from the Spirit album from Jewel for about the hundreds time, a new title for this song came to my heart: "Presence of Love". I sat down, read the original song text and adapted it to the new topic. It is about creating the love in myself that I was waiting for someone else to give me:

Presence of Love

Inside my skin there is this move
It embraces and holds
It wants to kiss
Inside my heart there is this joy
it creates the lightning
the lightning for you

And I am giving
And I am inviting you here
Inside the presence of love

Muscle and sinew
Velvet and stone
My heart is enlighted
It dances and sings
My bones call to you
in their very same skin
I make myself present
To come with / into you girl

I am giving
And I am inviting you here
Inside the presence of love

There is this pulse
This energy inside of me
And it knows you are no stranger
I be your gravity
My hands will adore you through all darkness aim
They will lay you out in moonlight
And reinvent your name

For I am giving you
And I am inviting you here
Into the presence of love

Inspired by Jewel's song "Absence of Fear" from her album "Spirit"1.
Thanks, Jewel! ;) *hugs*

1.1.2001, Martin Steigerwald
introductory text slightly changed, 3.10.2002

1) vgl. Jewel Kilcher: Spirit, 1998

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